Rabbit Island: Artists Into the Wild

Landing on a deserted island sounds like a nightmare for some people, but not so for the creators of the Rabbit Island project. A community of artists, led by Londoner Andrew Ranville and Manhattan-based Rob Gorski, have decided to transform this 90-acres patch of land in the middle of Lake Superior into a residence for creatives from all over the world. After buying the island from an ad on Craigslist (!), Gorski has started planning to build shelters and a studio into the uncontaminated wilderness of North Michigan. Surely rocks and wood for construction are abundant – along with rabbits, of course, hence the name of the place.

The only thing that’s missing is the funds to carry out the project, reason why the two artists opened an online pledge on Kickstarter to reach the not-so-astronomical amount of $12,500. They don’t need anything too fancy: a boat, saw-mills, tools, and some solar panels. Obviously, the latter conforms to the general ethos of the project: respect for nature and research into what can be aesthetically pleasing and positive for the environment.

Submissions are open for architects who want to join Ranville, the first inhabitant of the island, in his mission to create a new microcosmos of individuals cut off from society, re-discovering inspiration and direct contact with the wild. Supporters will decide whether their dream will actually come true by donating before the deadline on the 15th of July. With a pledge of only $10 one can even get a personal thank you call. For more information, you can contact us.